"Flora" litter update

The puppies are doing well and starting to interact more. They still do a lot of sleeping, but will wake up and come over when they hear people. Hickory is loving the petting and already acts like his father.


3 Weeks old! Interacting more with their surroundings.
Aspen is the first to make eye contact this week and comes toddling over when she hears me.


Magnolia and Cedar think mom's legs make great pillows.


Mimosa has the sweetest face!


Mimosa is the biggest at 40 oz! Her nickname is MiMOOsa
Top Left to Right: Cedar, Juniper, Aspen
Bottom Left to Right: Hickory, Mimosa, Magnolia


Juniper thinks Mimosa makes an excellent pillow. More to snuggle!


The group at 2 weeks old. Eyes were open but they were still fluffy potatoes. :)
Top Left to Right: Aspen, Mimosa, Hickory
Center: Juniper, Cedar (rolled over as I took the picture)
Bottom: Magnolia

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