U-CH Tintlet Classic First Stop CGC, RN, CD, WC, VC

Health Testing

Widgeon is from our Winter 2005 litter and is a littermate to "Gatsby" (also on this page) Widgeon had 2 litters for Danielle and is the mother to our "Anna".

Widgeon is owned and trained by Danielle of Doevally Poodles



Tintlet Anutta Great Gatsby NAJ, TDI, CGC

Health Testing

"Gatsby" is from our Winter 2005 Litter and is a littermate to "Widgeon".

Although he is fully health test him and passed with flying colors we decided after he was done maturing that his front wasn't ideal and he would not work as a stud for any of our girls. Gatsby is altered and has no offspring.

Gatsby is owned and trained by Lisa Gulledge.



U-GRCH Tintlet Tres Joli D'peckerwood CGC/TDI


"Happy" is from our Janurary 2006 litter and a sister to "Kitchel"

Happy has a wonderful temperment and is very agile. She also loves her tennis ball! She has her Delta Society Registration as a AAA/AAT (animal assisted activity/animal assited therapy) Dog. She has been shown in conformation, rally and obedience. Happy is spayed and has no offspring.

Happy lives with Andi Hungerford in NC.